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7 steps to Manifesting

You may have heard we are the creators of our lives, but are you struggling with the creating part? Do not worry, we all have trouble with manifesting our desires at times, you are not alone. Manifesting can be a struggle if we do not have all the right tools or do not even know where to start. Here are some easy tips to help you on your next manifestation.
Vision Visualize what you want.
Desire Be intensely excited about what your visualizing.
Belief Believe what you desire is possible to manifest.
Acceptance Accept your belief and your ability to manifest it as being true.
Intend Want and intend are different you must have the intention to manifest desire.
Action Act and behave like your desire has already manifested.
Allowance Detach from the outcome. You have to be intense in your desire without expectation that it will manifest.

Now go get manifesting!

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