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The transition is real! We are transitioning from third dimensional reality into fifth dimensional reality. read more

Dragon fly

Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning The dragonfly is the dragon of the sky, flying in between realms. As a dragonfly starts life, it grows in water and then moves into the air, symbolizing metamorphosis and transformation of worlds. read more

Hawk Spiritual meaning

If a Hawk totem has flown into your life, you must pay attention because you are about to receive a message from Spiritual realm. When this bird of prey is present, know that enlightenment is imminent and use its power to see clearer vision. read more

Spiritual Meaning of Ducks

Spirit animals are important to remind us of where we are on our path. Sometimes the animals connect with us for a brief moment sometimes they become our guides for a while or our whole life. Take a moment when an animal connects with you and listen to what it has to say. read more

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