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Spiritual Meaning of Ducks

Spirit animals are important to remind us of where we are on our path. Sometimes the animals connect with us for a brief moment sometimes they become our guides for a while or our whole life. Take a moment when an animal connects with you and listen to what it has to say. The spiritual meaning of the duck is very significant as it coasts through calm on the surface of the water it is paddling like crazy underneath. The duck communicates with us to be in the present for this is where all your power exists and is available to you. Ducks guide and flow in the gentle motion of the slow moving water while they drift along river and ponds. This is a powerful message to go with the flow and see where the waters take you naturally. Preparation meets opportunity; take notice of your surroundings because new opportunity is now being offered to you. The duck reminds us that with preparation, meets opportunity you are surely to succeed. The duck brings a strong sense of knowing which leads to graceful self-confidence and having connectedness to ancient wisdom. Duck holds power in communication, letting go, knowing and luck. He reminds us to speak our truth, be aware, flow and focus on our intuition. The duck is about the water elements, so finding the flow and creating a sacred sanctuary nest is where you can soothe your soul. The duck reminds us to coast through these waters without getting tangled up in the debris that floats around us.

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