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Astral Sex

Astral Sex, an out of body experience and is the latest trend in the astral realm! Your ears perked up didn’t they? Ours did too! There is a whole other world of sex that we have been missing out on! There’s so much more to sex than having a partner physically touching and embracing you. You can have astral sex with your partner, a playmate, or even a dream character! Remember there is always the dark side, and you can have sex with a Demon, or a low vibrational Entity. *Note: Always set your intention and protection around you before entering realms. Now what have you been missing out on for all these years? Think of, a magic genie coming out of his special little bottle and fulfilling your every sexual desire, with more pleasure, ecstasy, and passion you ever were capable of imagining. Oh wait, its better then that! This whole other world is waiting for you outside of your physical body. Lets find out what we have been missing out on! Astral Sex Unlike regular sex, instead of foreplay one should spend their time in a meditative state between being awake and asleep. Once you leave your body and enter into the astral realm, meeting up with your partner/playmate or character. Embrace each other so that you can become intimate with each other’s souls. The merging of souls is the energy of orgasm were both physical and astral pleasure is felt and can still be felt after each person returns to their physical bodies. This may feel as though a combination of bliss and sensation of physical pleasure. If you have a partner or friend who is also accomplished at astral projection, then the two of you can meet on the astral plane and engage in astral sex together and consciously. Sex with Demons or Lower Vibrational Entities Now we need to get into the dark side of astral sex, sorry playtime is over. Sometimes an entity residing on the astral plane can come through to you and stimulate you sexually for the sole purpose of swiping your energy. Here’s the thing, if you find yourself in an unwanted sexual relationship, you must immediately call in your angels or spirit guides or whatever deity you pray to, to come and remove the interloper. Be Safe If there really is an astral sexually transmitted disease it is only lust, and addiction. Always remember to be respectful of other people. Have fun tonight! *Disclaimer: One should set the intention and agree with the partner, as both need to have consent. Auric does not condone astral sex if one of the parties does not agree and commit. Both parties must be present and respected in their space.

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