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Astral Sex

Astral Sex, an out of body experience and is the latest trend in the astral realm! Your ears perked up didn’t they? Ours did too! read more

Conscious Sex

Is Conscious Sex is really the next best thing? Conscious sex you say? Yes! We have been doing it wrong all this time? No but this is a tool to help you enhance your sex life.   read more

Cosmic Connections

The individuals we can encounter on our journeys all serve a purpose. Throughout our journey, we will meet different people who play different roles and serve different purposes. read more

Twin Flames

Have you ever wondered about Twin Flame relationships? Did you know that sex with your Twin Flame can unleash your spiritual gifts? Did you ever wonder why Twin Flames run and you can never cut the bond between your hearts and souls? The term Twin Flames have been thrown around a lot lately, but we often get confused on what Twin Flames actually are. read more

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