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Spiritual Meaning of a Sparrow

The Sparrow is small but profound, its power taken for granted and is often overlooked. It may small, but the sparrow is both powerful and productive. It’s persistence and integrity shows us that we don’t have to be big to make a difference and for our voices to be heard. The Sparrow symbolizes the self-worth that each of us feel for ourselves regardless of external factors. Do not under estimate yourself and your abilities, we have massive source of power available to us. The energy and passion for ourselves is within each of our hearts somewhere, and is waiting to be awakened. The sparrow reminds us to sing our own souls tune and march to the beat of our own drum, just as they do. Sparrows often remind us of our power, production, friendly manner, persistence, integrity, caring heart, and creativity. As workers, the Sparrow teaches us to be vigilant, hard-working, and productive in our goals. We must work for what we want. By accomplishing things that we can be proud of, we will also continue to boost our self-esteem and sense of worth.

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The Sparrow is a master of flight, and camouflage, and as such the Sparrow teaches us to use our creativity to get around in life – think outside the box, and be creative in solving your problems.

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