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The Difference Between a Soul mate and Your Life Partner

Have you often wished for your soul mate for as long as you can remember? Wishing on shooting stars and blowing dandelions to get the chance to wish for your one and only soul mate. It has happened to the best of us.   It is not your fault; it is only part of the journey to lead you on your path to your Life Partner.   What is the difference you may ask?   The word soul mate gets thrown around so loosely now and days that often we think, our soul mate is the one we are supposed to spend forever with.   This can be true if you want this story.     Here’s the Scoop:   A soul mate is someone who comes into your life to teach, push and transcend you into a higher state of consciousness and being.   A life partner is a companion whom you trust and depend on throughout your life.   Lessons   A soul mate enters your life to fulfill lesson(s) in your life. Soul mates can enter your life through friends, or family.  They fulfill a passion and desire that needs to be learned, and once the assignment is completed they usually exit the picture. Soul mates oftentimes leave behind a inconceivable amount of heart ache.   A life partner usually has similar interests in your life.  This person is your strength, support and your biggest cheerleader. A life partner sticks around regardless of what obstacles and issues are ahead. A life partner is spiritually and emotionally connected without egotistical notions.   Soul Connections Soul mates have deep connections through their heart and consciousness. These relationships are intense and full of constant transitions. Soul mates bring with them karmic Lessons that need to be completed in this lifetime.   Life partners arrive when you have acceptance and self-love. Usually these partners have similar backgrounds and stories. With a life partner you no longer feel an unfulfilled emptiness that cannot be explained.   Attraction   Soul mates feel as if you have known them forever. There is a knowing that attracts you to each other. These relationships can become destructive and chaotic, as they are mirroring each other.   Life partners help you to feel at ease in their presence and turns into a friendship that is profound and everlasting. You want to learn more from each other and your love grows more with each passing day.   Experience: Soul mates arrive when something needs to find closure. The love is full of various and difficult obstacles. Both partners are trying to find footing in a relationship, which can bring out the best and worst out in each other.   Life partners relationships are easy and workout without much work. There is no manipulation and not past or future stories. These relationships you live in the now. Life partner relationships help keep oneness while still remaining in their own individuality.     The biggest difference in soul mates and life partners is one is a choice and the other is not. There is no better or worse in either of these relationships; your soul connections create special bonds. Each person that enters your life is always a teacher and a student.    

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