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Twin Flames

Have you ever wondered about Twin Flame relationships? Did you know that sex with your Twin Flame can unleash your spiritual gifts? Did you ever wonder why Twin Flames run and you can never cut the bond between your hearts and souls? The term Twin Flames have been thrown around a lot lately, but we often get confused on what Twin Flames actually are. We are here to decode just that! Twin Flames are always connected by the heart cord, which enables the two to never lose touch from each other, to always be connected in love. You both agreed to this contract as souls. Your Twin Flames has so much love for you that they wanted to never lose touch and always be connected with you. This is what enables Twins to feel each others emotions and share memories and information. We all know we would be physically separated, but this cord was meant to ensure we never lose each other completely. This is the bond of unconditional love. Many Twin Flames unfortunately now have negative cords due to attachment based out of control, fear, jealousy and suspicion that distract from the positive heart connection, thus creating turmoil. To connect with your Twin Flame you must shift into a high vibrational energy, with this you can feel your Twin. When we are in a low vibration we can not feel our Twin, the signal can not come through. Twin Flames have a deep connection in physical intimacy, which has a healing power between these Twins. The sexual connection is on soul planes and act of love that is also an energetic process. The Twins experience chakra climaxes where these two are connected back to their origins and infused with life. You will know when this happens to you, you can feel it. This is a powerful energetic event, which triggers spiritual gifts, and the telepathy between the two becomes activated. In this process many receive new high vibrational downloads from source, balance each other’s energies and break through blockages. Oftentimes this can trigger running of one of the Twins as this brings up old negativity that has been stirred up to the surface. Twin Flames often times one of the Twins is a runner. Please note this is not your fault, they are not running from you, but from themselves. Twin Flames are triggered to run when they feel unsafe to be open and are facing large amounts of fear. Hurt people hurt people, sometimes a Twin is triggered with old hurt and fear they have been carrying around which causes them to keep running. Twins do not run from their counterpart but actually from their own mirror reflection. Everything that Twin Flames do is to learn from each other and everything one Twin does impacts the other Twin. Often times with Twin Flames when one Twin runs, there is still unconditional love, even though there is much hurt. The ego self ran but the higher self only wanted to love their counterpart. Twin Flames may have many triggers that come up but know that the relationship is worth it, because it gives us a chance to move past our fears. These twins want their lover to open up deeper and wider to the truth of unconditional love. The only way they can reach them is to push them with outer hurt to make the negatives come up and reveal themselves to be healed. Although one Twin may believe they were open to love, there was still barriers, and blocks so deep that needed to be open in order to be free and receive true love. This is truly the gift of love. The Twin knew it would hurt in the short run but have an everlasting effect on their journey.

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