The term “auric” refers to the aura that surrounds every living being. Our energy field (aura) gets worn down over time as we go throughout our everyday life, creating tears and breakages on our energy field. 

When our aura is not fully radiating its full energy we feel lethargic, out of balance and even discomfort. To restore this energy field, we encourage you to try a Reiki healing session.

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Our mission is to support you in unlocking your fullest potential to live your best fulfilled life through re-discovering your soul's greatest truth, as you heal deeply, remember and relearn who you are as you restore, create and empower your most authentic self.

Awaken your inner potential

As we give ourselves permission to
& be the best version of ourselves
we allow others to do the same.

 The vision is to help not only ourselves but to help make the change by shifting the global consciousness.

We are all one. As above, and so below.


After her own spiritual awakening, Michelle left behind the lights and glamour of her career in the entertainment industry to pursue a life of giving back to others to help them find their light. 

With a remarkable decade-long journey of guiding and healing countless individuals, Michelle has become a beacon of transformative wisdom. Her extensive experience has empowered individuals to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, leading them to embrace their innate power and purpose. 

Michelle's sacred work is centred around fostering a deeper connection to the authentic self and uncovering the truth within. 

Michelle Fedrizzi




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