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What is Reiki? The term “Rei” refers to a higher power or spiritual wisdom, while “Ki” refers to the energy of life. This ancient practice works to restore your energy field and the natural balance of your body, providing deep relaxation, and bringing a sense of peace and wellbeing. During your Reiki healing session, one of our practitioners will gently place their hands over your body and scan your aura to highlight any emotional or physical issues, thus awakening your body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki healing is often used to relieve depression, fatigue, anxiety, and even physical pain. Many of our clients feel spiritually lighter, more focused, centered and balanced after a session with one of our certified healers. The term “Auric” is also defined as gold and alchemically speaking gold is considered highly ductile and malleable, which means that it’s a transitional metal. As a transitional metal, gold is symbolic of flexibility on our spiritual path, while life experience galvanizes our faith. Gold also represents perfection in all matter, on any level, thus symbolizing humankind’s journey to perfection, illuminate and refine his/herself. Ergo, gold is symbolic to the transformation of the soul. After receiving our Reiki healing and self-care techniques, you will have the tools that you will need to understand and empower your journey. The driving force behind Auric is the intention to gain valuable information, tools and healing transformation to help you get in glow and guide you throughout your golden journey. Michelle Fedrizzi is the founder and owner of Auric, after her own spiritual awakening she left behind the lights and glamour in her career in the entertainment industry to pursue a life of giving back to others to help them find their light. Michelle is a Reiki Master and Life Coach helping heal and transform hundreds of individuals as they step into their power and dharma. As we give ourselves permission to heal and be the best version of ourselves we allow others to do the same. The vision is to help not only ourselves but to help make the change by shifting the global consciousness. We are all one. As above, and so below.

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